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 giovedì 23 marzo 2017


The Three Patrons SS of Ireland

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Dr. Enzo Farinella Cultural e religious contribution of the Irish monks to Europe. St. Brigid, one of the most popular Saint a woman stands at the very heart of Europe, honoured in every cathedral church from Grisons in France to the German sea, the Abbess whom all the Abbesses of the Irish revere, the Patroness of parishes, towns, counties e regions, Mary of the Gael, the Pearl of Ireland. During the age of chivalry, Brigid was so revered as a model woman, that knights and noble gentlemen throughout the civilized world began to call their sweethearts and wives-to-be, their “Brides”.

Brigid’s faith, her healing powers, her hospitality, her generosity, her great skill with animals and her compassion for the poor and the oppressed, her sense of justice towards the neediest of this world, her welcoming solidarity, her love for God and people are well known. Brigid’s compassion for the poor should be a focus today for an unequal world where in an ever widening gap, 20% of the population control most of the wealth and consume 80% of the earth’s resources, while upwards of 50,000 less well off human beings, mostly children, die from drought, starvation, disease, war or related fallout, every single day! As the Patron Saint of Agriculture, the respect that Brigid had for the land and for nature should be viewed today as one of “the inspirations”, needed by all of us who are concerned with climate change and the fragility of our planet. God bless our human race.


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